Baseus Clean Garbage Bag for Back Seat of Cars

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40pcs Disposable Car Garbage Bags Baseus Waterproof Leakproof Trash Bags for Back Seat Auto Interior Accessories
1. Garbage bags for car back seat;
2. Seat headrest/pocket mounted, firm and safe;
3. Metal shell, enhance the texture and match the car interior;
4. Small in size and will not occupy the space in the car. The rotating storage design allows the garbage bag to be put away when not in use;
5. The garbage bag is made of high-strength PE, resistant to pulling and not easy to break, and the bottom sealing strip, the water does not leak.

Material: metal
Length: 268mm/10.6"
Contains: 2 rolls of garbage bags (40 in total, you can purchase and replace them when you use them up!)