Buydeem Glass Tea Pot 500ml

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  • Winner Of 2 Design Awards ​- Winner of both the 2020 IF Design Award and 2020 Red Dot Design Award, this Glass Tea Cup features innovative design that brings nothing but joy to the tea lovers in your household. It is a worldrenowed tea cup that meets users’ desires.

  • Unique Patent Lid ​- Unlike any other hot beverage lid, Buydeem has developed a
    condensation ring that returns steam to the pot instead of it dripping on the table. On top of that, to further keep surface areas clean, this lid can hold the infuser basket while you enjoy your tea.

  • User-friendly Design ​- To help you effortlessly enjoy the tea you crave, this tea cup features an anti-scalding infuser handle that can be lifted with one hand, an ergonomic cup handle, a secure lid, and a refined pattern tea basket.

  • Deep Refined Pattern Infuser ​- For quick, perfectly brewed tea, the large tea basket helps to filter water faster and allows more tea to expand while the fine tuned infuser holes keep small leaf particles contained.

  • Premium Quality Materials​ – Made with FDA-approved non-toxic plastic, 304 stainless steel, and high borosilicate glass, this glass tea cup reflects the high stands of Buydeem.