Buydeem Airtight Glass Storage Jar

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Airtight seal 

- an ideal container for fresh food, leftovers, and dry goods alike, the Buydeem storage jars feather an airtight seal.  designed to lock in freshness, prevent leakage, and keep contents perfectly protected this deal is so tight it is safe to turn upside down.

Push-open Lid

- one push down to seal and more push to open, all it takes is a quick movement and one hand to operate.  great for a parent that is holding a baby or busy chefs who are doing multiple things at once.

Sleep stackable design 

- no one loves a messy kitchen or pantry area. Enjoy beautifully organized cupboards, easily identifiable foods in the refrigerator, and perfectly stored containers while not in use.  These jars can be stacked, which keeps everything in place.

Easy and reliable to use

- the airtight seal, push lif, non-slip bottom ring, and largemouth makes this jar simple to clean and operate.  no more worrying if a container will slip and break while cleaning or if you will have to puck up a mess while taking it out of storage.